About Us

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a social, yet competitive, tennis experience for ladies in Orange County, California.

Our 2014/2015 Board of Directors

Board Members

Olga Kent, Anaheim Hills Racquet Club (AH1)
Christy Harmon, Anaheim Hills Racquet Club (AH1)
Shelli Banko, Anaheim Hills Racquet Club (AH2)
Danielle Bateman, Anaheim Hills Racquet Club (AH2)
Marni Clark, Costa Mesa Tennis Center (CM)
Katherine Bleakley, Costa Mesa Tennis Center (CM)
Pati Cinkle, Cabrillo Tennis Center (CTC)
Sarah King, Cabrillo Tennis Center (CTC)
Shawn Morningstar, Laguna Niguel Racquet Club (LN1)
Lily Jackson, Laguna Niguel Racquet Club (LN2)
Kristine Gustafson, Mesa Verde Country Club (MV1)
Michele Greer, Mesa Verde Country Club (MV1)
Erin Iveson , Mesa Verde Country Club (MV2)
Elaine Croiser, Mission Viejo Country Club (MVCC)
Felicia Nugent, Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis Club (NG)
Linda Maarleveld, SeaCliff Country Club (SC1)
Samantha Bloom, SeaCliff Country Club (SC1)
Ingrid Taylor, SeaCliff Country Club (SC2)
Christie Smart, SeaCliff Country Club (SC2)
Shari Mittelbach, SeaCliff Country Club (SC2)
Teresa Mittman, Tustin Hills Racquet Club (TH1)
Lyann Courant, Tustin Hills Racquet Club (TH1)
Lisa Lee, Tustin Hills Racquet Club (TH2)


President – Renee Kantomer
Secretary – Linda Maarleveld
Treasurer – Paulette Suiter
Scorekeeper – Teresa Mittmam

Event Chairpersons

Match Scheduler(s) – Dee Hall & Maureen Lloyd
Banquet Coordinator(s) – Teresa Mittman & Jean Taub
Website Coordinator(s) – Pati Cinkle & Shawn Morningstar
Awards/Trophies Coordinator(s) – Vacant

Please contact Lyann Courant for more information.